Notary Services

Powers of Attorney can only be done in person at the Consulate.

1.      Requirements

All Powers of Attorney should include:

  • The full names of applicant and recipient (First and Last name)
  • The father’s name
  • The mother’s name
  • The date of birth
  • The registration place and number in Lebanon (مكان و رقم قيد النفوس).
  • A copy of a recent I.D. of both applicant and recipient

For Lebanese applicants:

  • A recent Lebanese photo I.D. (the Individual Civil Registration extract – إخراج قيد إفرادي, a passport or the I.D. card). The Family Civil Registration extract (إخراج قيد عائلي) is not an acceptable document.

For Non-Lebanese applicants:

  • Their passports.

The details mentioned above should be brought or sent to the Embassy by fax (fax number: 0207 243 1699), by email (  or by post prior to calling for an appointment.

The applicant should come in person to the Embassy to sign the general power of attorney.

2.      Fees

  • For General Powers of Attorney: £36 per signature (cash only accepted)
  • For Special Powers of Attorney: £18 per signature (cash only accepted).

3.      Download Application Forms